Iced Green Tea

What is your privacy policy?
At Swirl Tea we respect your privacy. All online transactions are processed by vendors ( or and we do not have access to your contact or payment info. If for marketing purpose we ask for your contact info, such as for sample or coupon giveaway, we will use it for the stated purposes only and will not share it with any third party. Please Contact Us should you have any questions.

Is it normal that the flavor comes out more slowly in ice water?
It is normal that brewing becomes relatively slower in ice water. It is proof that we use real tea leaves and do not add ground tea powder or artificial ingredients.

Can I use Swirl tea strips more than once?
Swirl tea strips are designed for a single use, so the taste gets lighter in second brewing. However you can use them again.

Can I hot brew Swirl Green Tea? How?
Because Swirl is made of real tea leaves, it can be hot brewed as well. In fact the hot tea tastes just as good as cold brew.
To hot brew Swirl Green Tea, filtered water is recommended for best taste. Simply boil water first, then pour it over Swirl tea strip in the container of your choice, remove tea strip after 3 to 4 minutes, and enjoy.




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