Our Leaves:

Only all natural tea leaves and flavors are found in Swirl. We believe there is no shortcut to exquisite green tea.

By working directly and closely with tea farms in Taiwan, we ensure premium quality that satisfies our high standard. Because tea trees can be harvested 3 times a year (spring, fall, and winter) and tea farm locations (altitude, moisture, etc.) play an important factor in taste, just like vineyard to wine, making tea is truly an art. Our master blender first creates his tea mix and then applies a unique process so Swirl will work magic in cold water. Besides, we exclusively use real herb and fruit extracts for flavoring. We are certain our customers will enjoy the REAL green tea experience.

For food safety, we regularly send our tea to a third party agency for additional examinations. Our products meet and exceed Japan, EU or US food safety standards.

Our Company:

Breezy Spring LLC is a minority-owned company initiated in 2004 in Lakeland, FL. With our diverse ethnic background, we set out to spice up our customers’ plates by introducing healthy, tasty, and unique food products that suit their busy life style.

We encourage you to try our products and explore the great gourmet world with us.


Best New Product – Swirl Tea Line, 2012 World Tea Expo

1st Place – Peach Flavor, 2012 North American Tea Championship, Instant Iced Tea Flavored Category

2nd Place – Original Flavor, 2012 North American Tea Championship, Instant Iced Tea Unflavored/Unsweetened Category

Original Flavor
Mango Flavor





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